I Got An Instalment Payment Plan For My Designer Bag

I’ve been in sales and marketing for about 6 years now, and a crucial part of my image as a sales and marketing exec is the things I carry to work. For the last few years, I’ve noticed that my look and the brands I carry around hold people’s attention long enough for me to make a sales pitch! This is around the time I started wondering “Where can I buy Chanel handbags”?

Personally, I love the brand Chanel, it’s understated and doesn’t go out of its way to tell the world that it is a luxury brand. Their stuff speak for themselves in terms of finish and feel. I knew that if I was ever going to buy a designer item, it would be a Chanel handbag.

Money And Luxury

When you go to a five star hotel, you feel like you shouldn’t be there because the place is full of things you probably can’t afford. But, the truth is, with a good budget and planning, nothing is out of reach. Not even a five figure handbag!

Here’s what I did to get myself closer to designer luxury goods!

  1. I budgeted like a crazy person. I pride myself on being practical in times of crisis. When I knew that I had to own a designer bag, I decided to put a plan in place and work on it diligently.
  2. I researched online only to stumble on people who were offering payment plans for high end designer goods, my curiosity was piqued. When I followed up on my findings, I knew I had stumbled upon a gem!
  • I saved enough for a down payment on the bag and reached out to my internet financiers for the rest and worked out a feasible payment plan.

And that’s it. I did my due diligence and it paid off in the form of a Chanel classic, which I know I can re-sell at any time. The pre-loved market is just as active!