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In California, the administrative exemption labour law allows employees to earn double salary. This law is employee friendly and allows employees to enjoy the benefits of it including earning double the salary by paying for all the overtime duties done.

The administrative exemption labour law has provisions for overtime payment. It states that any non-exempt employee above 18 years of age or any employee who is a minor and below 17 years of age and not required to attend school is permitted to be employed to work for not more than 8 hours a day.

Working for eight hours a day makes a full day of work, and working beyond eight hours on any day or beyond 6 days in a week is only allowed if the employee is entitled to receive overtime for the duty done. However, there are several exemptions to this act. This law is only applicable to a particular group of people and not to all the sectors of employees.

If the employee is being paid on hourly basis the overtime is the regular pay itself. If it is a monthly salaried employee then the overtime pay will be calculated depending on the salary of the individual. If it is a commission based salary then commuting the overtime is on a different basis.

With these laws in California, it is easy for every employee to earn double the salary. I like to get paid double for working overtime in California. It is the right of every employee to get paid overtime for the extra time and effort put into working. With the overtime salary, the final salary received will be double the predetermined salary. It is the Californian law which entitles the employee to receive double salary.…