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When you think about Christmas gifts, you will have a large number of options that can be gifted to your children.  You may give them their latest wishes and dreams, their favorite toys, cycle etc. to make them happy and fulfilled with their dreams and desires.

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Apart from these gifts, you can offer some financial gifts for your children which will very useful for them either now or maybe in the future so that they may feel happy and satisfied.

Here are the top five financial Christmas gifts for your children;

  • Money: You can gift your children by giving a lump sum of cash in order to encourage your children to save money if they achieve their target either in studies or in case of behavioral
  • Investment in bonds: You can also invest a certain part of money either as bonds or in stocks which can be multiplied in the mere future.  This will help you to get a handful of money at the time of maturity.  These investments are risk-free to a certain extent and you can be feeling free and with less tension.
  • Gold Coins: Buying gold coins is one of the best options for saving and also for the Christmas gift to your children.  It helps you to save your money in a fixed form which can be used in a later course of time when needed.
  • Saving Accounts: You can even start a saving account for your children and this will ensure your children to learn the banking services and also helps them to learn the value of money.  Often many children will learn to save the money in a bank regularly.
  • Fixed deposit: If you have adequate money you can save them in the form of a fixed deposit in the bank which will help you to accumulate the interest amount at the end and also helps to get an interest for the money being deposited in the bank at the time of maturity period.