5 Ways to Save Money When You Shop Online

From purchasing gift cards at a discount price to earning cash back for every purchase, we’ve listed down some smart ways every shopper should know about.

Check out these 5 ways to save money when you shop online.

Cash Back Websites

One of the fastest ways to save money is to register for cash back websites. Once you register, you can search through stores the site works with to see just how much they offer in cash back. There you will start accumulating money each time you shop and even request the payment by check, gift card or even through PayPal.

Shop Online Then Pick It Up in Store

Instead of strolling through the mall looking for the perfect outfit, shop in your comfy pajamas instead. However, to save on costs, opt for in-store pickup to get rid of shipping and the hassle of long lines. This will easily avoid temptation, save time and make it easier to find discounts.

Subscribe to Email Newsletters

Got a favorite store you like to shop at? Sign up for price alerts that will email you once the price drops. There are sites that will specifically track down prices on various websites and show you which stores offer the lowest price. Retailers will also offer a discount when you sign up for their newsletters. Scared of potentially flooding your inbox? Set up an email just for your shopping alerts.

Grab Some Coupons

Look for coupons on the websites or on cash back sites. You can also Google search promo codes to find the latest promos available online. In fact, leaving items in your shopping cart might even lead to bigger sales and another code to use for your next purchase.

Sign Up for A Rewards Site

Did you know sites like Swag bucks offer reward points that you get from filling out surveys, watching advertisement videos or simply clicking on links? You will earn points when a task is done then redeem them for gift cards from popular stores online or even a PayPal gift card.

Do you find ways to save money as you shop? Comment below and let us know!