4 Free Apps That Will Track How Much You Spend

Are you planning to start a monthly long money challenge or simply trying to see just how much you spend per paycheck?

Getting to know the input of your financial line is important when trying to say for future and paying off your debt. However, you will need to start practicing on money management and control where you spend. Thankfully – we’ve got the best solution that will help you stay on track for free. Where apps will connect to your bank accounts, organize your data and provide a record of just how much you spend.

Here are 4 free apps that will track how much you spend.

Bill Guard

BillGuard will keep track of what you spend according to the type of cost, month, and your location. This will also give you free access to your credit score as well as other tools to protect your identity. The app is free to use. However, you can also add credit monitoring and identity theft insurance for about $80 a year.


Fudget is a fast and easy alternative to purchasing a complex budget tracker app. There are no difficult categories to manage as well as interpretive charts. You can create simply lists of expenses and budget the balance. The app is free to use. However, if you want to no advertisement option in exports and calculator features, there is a charge of $1.99.


Dollarbird always you to add the past and present income as well as expenses to the app’s calendar to better calculate how much impact your expenses play in your balance. The app is free to use and you will be able to manually input the information yourself.


Goodbudget is a budget tracker that keeps you on track of your budget through multiple devices and more. This app will also keep you accountable to your saving goals as well as reflect on what’s important in living out of a budget.

Go any free apps that we might have missed? Comment below and tell us what you recommend!