About Us

Trig Money is the best choice to get cash back when you choose to shop on the web. Here you can choose among thousands of global retailers as we will register your every purchase direct to your Trig Money account.

Trig Money was developed as a platform for patent pending income generator. With Trig Money, our ultimate goal to create a forum that provides various forms of content products to attract our members. We aim to provide a safe and secure way to shop online and gain cash back through every purchase. As a convenient way to shop online, you will also receive benefits and bonuses through every purchase.

Today, Trig Money already has more than 1,000 shops found in over sixteen countries across the globe. As an application that recognizes purchases online, you will receive money back to your account. Go ahead and shop with a smile as we will remind you when you visit stores that will give you money back.

We’ve partnered with countless companies to provide you with a free service and save you money while you shop. All you have to do is sign up for an account, shop online at one of our affiliated stores, and gain credit back to your Trig Money Account – it’s really that easy!

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